O.G Kush Flavour 100mg CBD E-Liquid (Vape)

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Our first E-Liquid flavour containing 100mg CBD with added terpenes forming the O.G Kush strain of cannabis. 

The O.G Kush strain which is as famous as it is flavoursome supposedly gets its name when a grower in California who gave a cutting of Chemdawg to a grower in L.A. He then crossed it with Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush hybrid, giving birth to OG Kush. Allegedly he was told that his buds tasted like they were mountain grown, to which he retorted, “this Kush is ocean grown (O.G)” 

We decided to start with O.G Kush as our first E-Liquid flavour not just because of its great taste and popularity but also because its Ocean Grown much like where our business started in Brighton.

The unique aroma is created from terpenes, the compounds that bring smell and flavouring to cannabis. This strain has recognisable traces of the terpene linalool, for a lavender flavour, and pinene for a potent pine, Earthy taste and smell. 

Terpenes don’t just add great flavour and aroma they also have a benefit due to something named the entourage effect. Meaning they interact synergistically with cannabinoids that enhances the effects of the plant’s individual components.

Our E-Liquids use a 80/20 PG/VG ratio to offer the best vaping experience without the compounds separating over time.

Certified to contain 100mg CBD with 300mg O.G Kush Terpene profile in each 10ml bottle

Guaranteed to have no THC, Nicotine, Alcohol, Diacetyl or animal extracts.