Our Story

After working for a large food supplements company for many years, my brother and I decided we wanted to start our own business and focus our energy into researching and developing products that really work, whilst also keeping our prices as reasonable as possible for our customers by minimising overheads and keeping things simple whilst prioritising premium quality extracts.


Based in and around Brighton we aim to get our products into your local health food stores so you can see the amazing benefits we have ensured they will give you.


Working alongside the CTA (cannabis trades association) we want all our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that all of our products have all been rigorously tested and have passed all the necessary inspections and exceed standards where possible to ensure you are getting the cleanest and safest products possible.


We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible from start to finish. From ensuring our crops are grown organically with no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals to sourcing as much of our packaging from recycled materials as possible.